Grand Finals

  • THBT social justice movements should actively dispute the narrative that society continually progresses towards an eventual state of perfect equity
  • Novice Finals

  • THR the rise of the self-care industry
  • Semifinals

  • This House supports governments significantly increasing their use of big data-based predictive models in decision-making to replace human judgements (e.g. criminal justice policy, allocation of healthcare resources, housing development)
  • Round 5

  • THBT linguists should abandon all attempts to establish Universal Grammar
  • Round 4

  • THW fully nationalize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • Round 3

  • When advocating for gender parity of female labour, THBT the feminist movement should emphasize the compensation of traditionally female labour (eg. social work, unpaid household work) over the presence of female labour in traditionally male fields (eg. STEM, physical labour)
  • Round 2

  • TH, as the US, would prioritize diplomatic relations with Pakistan over India
  • Round 1

  • THR the position of privilege authors are given in the interpretation of their work